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Hi Gorgeous,


It's Maria here thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me. 

I'm a self-proclaimed Shopaholic, fashion lover, Mumma & plus size queen. 

Here are some ridiculous random & embarrassing facts about me:


1. I'm Hot, well at least I think so

2. I'm pretty much a Leopard Print Addict. Ever since 2008 when I saw a piglet at the Easter Show that was leopard print. (I still want that pig!)

3. I have way too much make-up and nowhere to wear it. 

4. I did Croatian Dancing for a solid 15 years and speak the language fluently

5. I won the most frequent hair colour change award at my year 10 formal & have died my hair at least 100 times i'm sure!

6. I'm a die hard gingham fan. Dresses, pants, skirts EVERYTHING!

7. I have the most belligerent British Bull Dog on all the Earth, Winston.

8. The first concert I attended was drumroll please.....50 CENT (should I be admitting this?)

9. I'm a size 20 AU.

10. I've travelled outside of Australia 3 times- to Bali for my honeymoon, Croatia to meet my family for the first time in 2016 and on a Cruise to Vanuatu, Maree & Noumea you know, back when we could travel

On a serious note (boring I know) I am ridiculously excited to have this opportunity to help you avoid the disappointment I have felt for so long when shopping for clothing in my size. Together we can build an inclusive community of like minded women, encourage each others confidence whilst changing the way we feel about the word "fat" 

We are fat and fabulous!

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