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Hi I'm Maria, Owner of The Fat Section - Welcome to Australia's Plus Size Preloved Boutique.

Did you know that less than 10% of Fashion Brands offer a plus size range? I know I am not alone in thinking that fashion is so much more than a size!

There is no wonder we are left scratching our heads wondering "where is the fat section?!" By the time you have read this, I hope that you are inspired and excited to shop again knowing we have your size, exciting pieces, some of your favorite brands & best of all we are affordable. Not to mention that buying preloved is simply better for the earth.

I've experienced endless buyer's remorse because of settling for whatever I can find. Its daunting to even imagine all the time I have spent rummaging through racks of hideous clothing with the occasional tantrums! Where are the affordable quality plus size clothes at? Why are they so hard to come by?

When I tell you that I could have a degree in shopping by now believe me, or just ask my husband! I love nothing more than escaping my 3 children and hubby to spend my (his - what's his is mine, ya know?) hard-earned cash on fabulous clothes. So, I turned my passion for fashion into my business, and now I do not need excuses to shop because “this is business” …. Genius, right? Let us take care of the rummaging, sourcing & collecting so that all you have to do is browse our store, add to cart & rock your new outfit stress free!!

So, let our love of fashion, "plus size status" and addiction to shopping unite us.

It is my vision is to create an online community of confident sexy and fashion forward plus size women who are not scared to shop.

All the fun stuff aside, we can all help to significantly reduce our footprint by shopping preloved.

I truly hope that you love our store and items and that you find something to make you feel incredible, we all deserve that!!

Tell your mums, sisters, aunts, co-workers, anyone that will listen - you have found the answer and that is “The Fat Section”

Happy Shopping!!

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