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  • 7 Reasons you Should Shop with The Fat Section

    The Fat Section has been a long time coming. It is a celebration of our amazing curvaceous bodies, fashion & variety. Shopping with us really is a win, win! You get to step out side of your comfort zone and explore your style, save money and best of all you are helping our precious earth. We understand that preloved shopping is still foreign for many, we encourage you to give it ago and like us you will become addicted! Here are 5 Reasons you should shop with The Fat Section: We do the rummaging & handpick every item! You could say Rummaging is one of our forte's, we are self proclaimed professional fashion hunters! Rummaging is our business. You will only see the best of the best on the Fat section. We only pick what we would be happy to wear/buy. We are super picky with the items that we select for our store. There are many things that we consider before an item is suitable to offer for sale. Style, Quality, Condition, Season & affordability. It is very important to us that we deliver on each of these every time! When picking items for our store we keep an open mind so that we have something for everybody, all occasions and styles! We know you will find something you love! Our range of styles, sizes & brands are impressive We are not limited to brand, trends or anything really. This means we have full control over the range that we have for sale. Most of our pieces are one offs so you can be almost certain you wont run into any outfit imposters at your next event. We aim to have a good selection of different styles, colors, textures, patterns & most importantly SIZE. Our size range is from a 14/16 up. I am always hunting for sizes beyond 24 which unfortunately are a little harder to come by! This is a huge issue, if you can make a garment in 1 size you can make them in all but this is a topic for another day! Check out our favourites here We place a huge emphasis on affordability This should be a given when shopping preloved, especially with The Fat Section. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices because we want everybody to have access to our items. You better believe that you can get a head to toe outfit for under $100! You don't have to compromise on quality or settle anymore, we have quality fashion at affordability/sensible prices. Our Message Our Mantra is simple! Wear whatever you want, love your self, flaunt your confidence, be proud of your beautiful body & help others to feel amazing! Our goal is to help desensitise the word fat & change the stigma surrounding it. Fat = brains, beauty, worthy, deserving, damn sexy! Join us in our mission, no fat person left behind! Red Carpet Service We understand how important it is to be available when you need our help. There is nothing worse then being promised the world and then swept under the rug. We have been there, many times! you can reach us via email, on our socials and on the contact us page on our website. We will always respond ASAP and want to work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Environment Preloved fashion is gaining a a lot popularity, not just because its trendy but because it is a lot kinder on our earth in the long run. The environment is definitely a hot topic and for good reason. Fast fashion is the 2nd largest contributor of the worlds total waste. With that in mind all of our items are preloved, even the new ones with tags had previous homes. The items have already been purchased - we are prolonging their lifecycle significantly and keeping them out of landfill that little big longer. This is why we offer fast fashion brands in our store, they are already in circulation so why not? Supporting Small Business & Women in Business We are a small business. Your support means that we can continue to grow. We have so many exciting projects planned but without your support they are not possible. One of our drivers for starting our business was the prospect of working with other women & supporting small businesses. We will always be looking for ways to support other women in our community. Please let us know of any worthy causes you think align with our values!


    Hi I'm Maria, Owner of The Fat Section - Welcome to Australia's Plus Size Preloved Boutique. Did you know that less than 10% of Fashion Brands offer a plus size range? I know I am not alone in thinking that fashion is so much more than a size! There is no wonder we are left scratching our heads wondering "where is the fat section?!" By the time you have read this, I hope that you are inspired and excited to shop again knowing we have your size, exciting pieces, some of your favorite brands & best of all we are affordable. Not to mention that buying preloved is simply better for the earth. I've experienced endless buyer's remorse because of settling for whatever I can find. Its daunting to even imagine all the time I have spent rummaging through racks of hideous clothing with the occasional tantrums! Where are the affordable quality plus size clothes at? Why are they so hard to come by? When I tell you that I could have a degree in shopping by now believe me, or just ask my husband! I love nothing more than escaping my 3 children and hubby to spend my (his - what's his is mine, ya know?) hard-earned cash on fabulous clothes. So, I turned my passion for fashion into my business, and now I do not need excuses to shop because “this is business” …. Genius, right? Let us take care of the rummaging, sourcing & collecting so that all you have to do is browse our store, add to cart & rock your new outfit stress free!! So, let our love of fashion, "plus size status" and addiction to shopping unite us. It is my vision is to create an online community of confident sexy and fashion forward plus size women who are not scared to shop. All the fun stuff aside, we can all help to significantly reduce our footprint by shopping preloved. I truly hope that you love our store and items and that you find something to make you feel incredible, we all deserve that!! Tell your mums, sisters, aunts, co-workers, anyone that will listen - you have found the answer and that is “The Fat Section” Happy Shopping!!

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