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Let's wardrobe swap besties!!

Sell your unwanted clothing, shoes & bags to us!!


Do you have clothes sitting in your wardrobe collecting dust and want to add some new to you pieces to your collection? 

We know that selling your clothes on social media or at the markets can be a total pain and usually not worth your time. We will take the hassle away and sell your clothes for you! Plus, you can recycle your unwanted garments & earn some cash towards your new wardrobe. 


Circular fashion is awesome! You neverr know the impact your unwanted piecces could have on a fellow curvy babe.

One thing to remember is, we are picky, that's how we can bring you amazing pieces - we will only accept pieces that a in new or near new condition. Meaning, no rips tears, stains or odors.

So, how does it work?


We offer different ways to sell your clothes. All you need to do is, fill out the form below, let us know what you are wanting to sell, including how many items, size and condition of the items. We will get back to you within 48hours to either organise pick up or postage, depending on your location. Local pick-up areas include Wollongong, The Southern Highlands & Sydney. 

Selling options include:

- Sell in exchange for store credit

- Sell for cash in your bank account

- Consignment - this option is suitable if you have a large number of items to sell 50+


Fill out our simple selling form.

After you have read all the details and are happy to go ahead, just click the get started button bellow and tell us all about the goodies you want to sell. Please ensure you have read, understand and accept the policy below before continuing. If you wish to donate your clothes to us, please click here to get in touch and we will organise pick up or shipping.

Send it off or we will pick it up

We will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm your item are acceptable for purchase & too  organise pick up or postage. We cover postage!! Unheard of we know :p


Receive your credit

Best part is, you don't have to wait until your items sell (unless we decide consignment is the best option) After we have received your items and expected them, we will provide your store credit or funds transfer within 3 days. 










How much will you make for your items?

To maximise your earnings please make sure the items are laundered and in the condition you describe. We will provide a final price upon acceptance of your items.

Some things that we consider when pricing our items include:

  • Original RRP (recommended retail price)

  • The condition of the garments- are they worn vs new with tags

  • Brand

  • Covering our costs such as postage above the flat rate, processing time, marketing, photography & packaging.

  • Desirability- Is the item currently trending? Is it in season? Age of the piece.

  • Common sense - What would we be happy to pay for an item?

Selling for cash aka bank deposit:

You will make 25% for the value of your items.

Selling for store credit:

You will make 40% for the value of your items.

Please remember that we are buying to resell so please don't expect to sell your items to us for the same amount as you may get on the market place or other social selling platforms etc. 

If you choose to donate, we cannot express how much this helps and how much we appreciate it. Get in touch to orangise a pick up



It is at our discretion, The Fat Section if we choose to purchase your items following completion of our sale form.


Please ensure that the garments are prepared for sale. This includes freshly washing & cleaning clothing, shoes & accessories ready for their new home.


We reserve the right to refuse to purchase any items that do not meet our quality standards even if we have accepted the items following your completion of the form. Only upon physical inspection can we officially confirm we are happy to purchase your goods.

Quality standards:​

  • No damage (stains, rips, scuff marks, missing pieces or odors)

  • No signs of wear (fading, shrinking, pilling or stretching)

  • No alterations (removed brand, sizing or care information tags, altered hems or seams) 

  • No items over five years old (except for authentic premium and designer vintage items) 

We require the items for sale to be freshly laundered & cleaned prior to sending them to us.

We will either pay you via bank deposit or give you a store credit/gift card - it's up to you. 

We will only accept items that are new or in like-new condition. This means: 

  • clean

  • free of pet hair

  • free of odor (body odor, smoke, perfume, cooking, storage smells etc.)

  • free of pilling

  • free of visible wear

  • free of rips and tears

  • free of stains

  • all buttons present & zippers working.

  • working and functional

  • items should be in season. 

Please do not take personal offence if we pass on your clothing or items.



  • Clothing for women size 14+

  • In season clothing! (Things you could wear this week or next week.)

  • All types of garments including everyday wear, athletic wear and outerwear.

  • Brands we LOVE Asos Curve/Plus, City Chic.

  • We especially love sizes 20 22 24 26

  • Formal wear and costumes will be considered case by base.


  • We love in-season shoes!

  • Wider widths are preferred.

  • Lightly worn or new shoes only please.


  • Handbags, backpacks and clutches

  • New or near new condition

  • Belts

With accessories, we are looking mainly for items that are especially suited for larger bodies - wide width or wide calf shoes, bracelets for larger wrists, bags with longer handles, belts with larger waistbands, etc.  


  • Brands such as Kmart, Big W. If you are unsure include it in the sell to us form and we can let you know. Click here to complete the form.

  • Clothing that is stained, pilled, broken, or more-than-a-little worn.

  • Unclean or bad-smelling clothing (including smoke), Or, clothing with animal hair on it.

  • Culturally appropriative prints, patterns, garments, or sayings.

          This includes “tribal print” patterns.

  • "Women’s” clothing smaller than 14.

  • Undies

  • Shapewear

  • Jewelry 

Click here to get started


Size 16+ clothes. Especially size 22+

Bags & Shoes - Wide fit are ideal.

Donations - this helps us to keep our prices as low as possible.

Damaged Items

Heavily worn items

Handmade items or items without tags

Fake or Counterfeit items

New or near new items

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If you are not sure, feel free to ask :)
contact us

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